10 Easy Steps to Buy A Good Used Car

Over the last few years, the used car market has been on the rise and often one can get a well-equipped vehicle, suited to all their needs at an attractive price. But what do you need to look out for before purchasing?

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Six Year Old Driver Builds a Following

Six year old Rashid al-Dhaheri isn’t your typical child. While many children dream of becoming a professional race car driver, Rashid is well on his way to becoming one. A competitor in the youth karting circuit, Rashid has grown a following in his native UAE where fans are eager to support a homegrown driver.

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The Amazing Bertha Benz

I had no idea that Bertha (wife of Karl Benz) was so instrumental in the development and marketing of the first automobile. She was the first person to drive a “car” long distance, make a repair on the road, use a filling station and make structural upgrades in the fly, and in 1888, no less. Pretty cool.

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2015: Pedal to the Metal!

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to sit down, do an inventory of the year past and envision and plan for the new year. It’s also a great opportunity to revisit our values and what we stand for.

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How To Jump Start Your Car

If it hasn’t happened already, eventually you’re going to have to contend with a dead battery. This can result from a number of things including leaving headlights, interior lights and accessories on, corroded terminals or the battery may simply be old. Whatever the issue the results are the same. A car that won’t start. If you’re in a place where on the spot repairs aren’t really feasible such as a grocery store parking lot, jumping may be your best option.

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The Top 10 Most Wanted Car Parts of 2014

In 2014, millions of Fixers visited Oscaro and spent hundreds of thousands of hours searching for quality parts that fit their vehicle. What parts did they look for? What do you think our most popular searches were?

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Happy New Year! – Get FREE SHIPPING Until January 2nd

Listen to the calling of your inner Fixer and ring in the New Year with the all the parts you need to keep your car driving through 2015! Forget your old mechanic, save money and replace those parts with high quality replacements from OscaroParts.com.

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Why Is Winter So Hard On My Battery?

Are you a driver who is asking: Why is my battery is dead??!! This seems to happen at the same time every year, when the temperature falls in the 30’s. That’s the reason why I always have jumper cables with me! If you need a refresh on how to jump start your car , here it is

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