Coolest VW Concept Cars
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Image: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

The Taigun

The Taigun is a near-production concept that was unveiled at New Delhi Auto Expo in 2014. At first glance, the Taigun is reminiscent of other SUV crossovers that have been popping up on the market recently like the Subaru Crosstrek. It features a 2.47 meter wheel base and the engine uses a combination of direct fuel injection and turbocharger for a fuel consumption of 60MPG.

The Taigun definitely is embodying some off-road spirt with its side panels, underbody protection, roof rails and high ground clearance, but it’s not know if there’s a 4WD option.

Production is slated for sometime in the next 3 years.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

The Microbus

Since production of the Vanagon ceased in 1990, van enthusiasts have been pining for another VW bus. In 2001, Volkswagen delivered with the Microbus concept and had scheduled production for 2003. Production was deferred and then ultimately cancelled in 2005, dashing the hopes of those seeking their next travel camper.

Fans thought that was the forever the end of the bus, but in early 2015, a VW board member announced they would be bringing it back, this time as an all electric car. There’s no released images yet, but the design is said to contain elements of the old Westfalia. There’s no word on when this new concept will be released, or expected production dates.

Vanagon prices continue to increase as they become more and more popular with those looking for a spacious camper vehicle. The Vanagons wont run forever, as all the ones on the road are at least 20 years old. Is now the time for VW to start listening to consumers seeking a new camper van?

Ironically, VW does make a camper van called the California Camper-it’s just not available in the U.S.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

The Dune

The Beetle was VW longest produced and probably most well loved car, so it makes sense that they would bring it back in the form of a redesigned Baja Bug. The Dune debuted at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Foregoing the rounding lines of previous generations, the Dune is sporting a more aggressive look with raised suspension, underbody skid plate and a ride height that’s been increased by 0.8 inches

The Dune is powered by a 210hp, 2.0 liter I-4 engine, the same as the Beetle R-Line, which is what it’s based off of. With this engine, the estimated fuel economy would be 23/29MPG city/highway.

While the Dune looks more production ready than other concepts, a production date has not been released.

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

The EcoRacer

It’s name doesn’t exactly evoke images of a high performance, high octane car, but the EcoRacer does have some impressive stats. The carbon fiber body means it weighs just over 1,800lbs and is powered by a 100k/w turbo diesel engine giving it an acceleration of 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds. Despite its top speed of 143mph, the EcoRacer sips fuel, getting 70mpg.

The EcoRacer is designed to convert into 3 different body styles, the standard Coupe, the Roadster and the Speedster. In matter of minutes, the entire roof and front side elements can be removed, converting it to the “Roadster”. Next, the windshield is swapped out for a smaller one, compete with a separate dashboard to form the “Speedster”.

The EcoRacer explores what’s possible for a fuel efficient, performance vehicle.


Image: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

The Roadster

No list of coolest VW concept cars is complete without a supercar, enter, The Roadster. For video game fans, this car might look familiar. That’s because it was originally designed for Playstation’s “Grand Tourismo 6.”

So what does the real car have under the hood? A 3.0 liter, twin-turbo V6 that creates 500bhp and 413lb ft of torque. It has a seven speed DSG gear box, 4Motion AWD and, accelerates 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 192mph.
Unfortunately, there’s no plans for production on this supercar, but fans can still drive it, albeit virtually, by downloading it in Grand Turismo 6.

Which VW concept would you like to see made?


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